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Skin to Skin

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Skin to Skin
Have you heard of skin-to-skin? If not, read on. Studies show that skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby is so beneficial for both mom and baby. Why? Did you know that mums will raise or lower their body temperature by two degrees to balance baby's temperature? Dad's also go up and down to provide for their baby's needs. The physical benefits include:
  • Regulating baby's body temperature
  • Regulating baby's breathing
  • More stable heartbeat
  • Higher blood sugar in baby (that's a good thing)...
  If that is not enough for you right there, then just know that it has been "proven" that babies are just happier when skin-to-skin. Happier baby equals happier mom. Happier mum - well, lets just say, happy mum, happy home.  

Why take Childbirth Classes?

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Why take Childbirth Classes?
Goodness knows we are inundated with information. You probably googled to find this site. There are gobs of information available to us at our fingertips now, and surely with a little research you can find out everything there is to know about birth right from your computer. There are even free prenatal classes offered by many regions and institutions. So, why would anyone want to pay money to come to a class? Simply, because you know that there is something that you can get from real life experience that you can not get from a website or a book. ¬†In our classes, we don't just cover off evidence-based information that will assist you in having an informed birth, but we will delve a bit more into what birth means to you and how to prepare yourselves for the major life transition into becoming parents and caring for another human being with your heart and soul. We will spend time discussing what matters to you and explore together how you can best enjoy your pregnancy, your birth, breastfeeding and your ongoing care for your newborn. You will learn and practice relaxation techniques and comforting measures that not only assist in labour, but also throughout life - for you, your partner, your child and your loved ones. Giving the gift of comfort and relaxation is priceless, and is just one way that we can actively show our love. ¬†Someone wise once said that love cures people. Whether it is the person giving or receiving it. I'm not inferring that we need curing, but I am saying that when we give ourselves the space and time to relax and give or receive comfort, then we are acting from a place of love - both giving and receiving.    

New grads!

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Congratulations to my recent group of Childbirth Education grads... and the fruits of their labour!

The Happy Families!