Doula Services

Do what? Doula!  Say it any way you want. Doula, Dou-la-la!! It is fun to say! Its more fun to have one!  Doulas are there for you when you are birthing. We are also there for you after the birth. We are also there for you before the birth. Doulas are there.

Believe in possibilites

Believe in possibilites

What does a doula do? We be. And help you to be. I consider my role as a doula as one mostly of an informed, loving, caring, supportive facilitator. You are the parents. As such, you are the decision makers. Everyone else has a role and the doula's role is to support you in being the best parent you can be. We offer services in 2 ways:

Birth Doula Services

Facilitating your birth experience by preparing for the birth with you prenatally. 24/7 on call to be with you during your labour. Being with you at your birth - supporting the family as a whole. Experienced caring support including breastfeeding support, and visits after the birth in hospital and/or  in home visits.   I am currently referring all doula inquires to Angie Limmer of Little Miracles Doula Services and Childbirth Education. I do not accept any referral fees for doing so. There are many different doulas and the right one is out there for each and every woman who wants one. There are very many doulas that I have come to know and love, and rather than giving a list of doulas here to contact, I am keeping things simple for you by providing just one. I have found that Angie is most similar to my approach, and so, am most comfortable inviting you to speak with her first.

After birth Doula Services  (a.k.a. Postpartum Doula Services)

In this role, the doula supports you in the way you need. Whether this is your first, second or twelfth child, we are there with you at home, or wherever you need to be so that you get the support you need. Be it breastfeeding assistance, an extra couple of hands, a caring heart, a sou chef, a walking baby-care encyclopedia, or a pal who helps out with the laundry and whatever it takes to keep a happy mom and happy home ... I consider my role as a postpartum doula to be that of a mother to the mother. Daytime and overnight care are both options. These services make wonderful new parent gifts - even a few hours can make a world of difference.  Interested? Then please get in touch with Angie who can help you find out more!

 Other Doula Services

There are many many options and ways in which we can structure an arrangement of birth and/or after birth doula support. What am I talking about? With today's lifestyle of digital communications, we could even arrange for a last-minute call when you are in labour and decide in that moment you want a doula. I have a list of names for all of these services:  Oh My goodness we need a doula! service - (last minute birth doula) Texting only doula Texting and phone doula Texting and maybe come to the birth doula I'm so tired I need a good night's sleep doula  I don't know how I'm going to get through this week doula I've got twins and need to get somewhere doula I've got a wedding and what am I to do doula You get the point. Go ahead and contact Angie when you are ready to find out more.